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Graduate building, improve student leisure facilities, student activity center, well-stocked library, hotel, restaurant management buildings, student gallery and a dedicated parking lot. SNHU with Ivy League schools Dartmouth College with a North American area aristocratic England College, is another feature of the school’s small class sizes, teacher-student ratio of about 1:18, so that students learn to achieve maximum effect; In addition, Professor of School most have practical business experience, such as business management teacher Dr. Dr. Samii worked famous OPEC (OPEC) senior economist and chief financial officer, he is currently a visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and if the accounting Professor of the Department, where to buy fake SNHU degree, how to buy a fake SNHU diploma, buy fake SNHUcertificate, buy a bachelor degree from SNHU, buy SNHU master degree, buy MBA from SNHU, all were CPA (Certified Public accountant, American accountant) qualifications, both for the theory and practice of the most significant feature of Teaching.